Your imperfection could be what people need to see

Are you someone that strives for perfection all round or just in some areas?

Many people find it difficult to know when something is ‘perfect enough’ to share, so they either hold back or take a long time trying to get it right first. And even when they do share, they feel badly about it.

What I don’t Share Often

I started sharing music publicly because I yielded to my husband’s nudging (read pestering). You see, I was on a healing journey from grief, and I found that my piano music helped me break the cycle of suppressing the pain.

When he heard the recordings in the apartment he began to say repeatedly, “you should share this”. Which over time became, “please share this”.

I resisted, repeatedly, for 2 main reasons:

it was personal – music that came from alone time, sometimes with very raw and deep emotions.

– it was not perfect – because the first goal was not to produce music to share.

Once I thought of sharing, I shut down. My hurting heart could overlook my imperfect music notes, because the one thing my heart needed was soothing and comfort. Yet I felt that others would not accept the imperfections, they would focus on the mistakes.

I said “no”, repeatedly.

Until one day I gave in.

Will your anchor hold?

I decided I would only share in this fashion if I did not have to edit, and it could help people, despite my imperfection and brokenness.

To cut a long story short, many years later here you are, listening to music from a collection that is still very personal and still not perfect.

And to be very honest, what happened next is that I started sharing individual songs via email to individuals who came to mind. It was their feedback and encouragement that spurred me on.

Why am I sharing this now?

I remembered this short history as I reflected on whether I should include an obviously imperfect hymn to the playlist. The title is “Will your anchor hold?”.

What imperfections preoccupy your mind or prevent you from sharing your gifts or yourself? Could they be the blessing others need?

This may not resonate with you. Look around though. To whom could you express how they make a positive impact on you, or their world. You could very well be playing a role in releasing them from the need to be perfect, without even realizing it.

I appreciate you reading this, and that you are on this journey with me. Thank you.

Pick one.

Remember, take (self-)care.

Which part of this resonates with you? Could you encourage someone who struggles with imperfection? Please share it in the comments below.

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  1. Pauline

    Dear Shaunelle
    I have always concluded that I don’t have enough time to spend on the many messages and webinars that I have received in the past two years. BUT, today, I paused and read your blog and am glad that I did!!!
    Yesterday was particularly difficult. My husband’s brother, died suddenly five weeks ago. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, I was not allowed to travel and am grieving a lot. I knew him for forty-eight years and seven months and regret that we did not have time to say goodbye.
    My imperfection is that despite the fact that I am a practising counselling psychologist, I am learning to go through this difficult period. I have to take it slowly.
    Thank you for persevering and sending me your posts.

    1. I know we exchanged over email at the time, thanks so much for being open to share this with us.

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