Why I’ll Never Forget My 2020 Birthday

I was wondering what I should do for my birthday. With only 3 weeks to go, there weren’t many options for social gathering given the lock down situation.

After waking up one morning, I heard a voice inside with an idea.  Ask some friends if they would read and record Psalm 23 in their mother tongue. And let them ask their friends if they would do the same. Then add music to it and send it back to them”.

The idea of connecting with people through music and a comforting Psalm felt right. 

It has been a strange time for many and maybe this music and the text from this Psalm could help someone, if not today, then tomorrow or the next day.

So I listened to the voice. And what happened afterwards gave me a fresh perspective that I hope I never forget.

“He leads me beside still waters”

Psalm 23 read by a Russian young lady

3 things I hope you will always remember

1. You are just 1, yet that’s enough
Oftentimes, all it takes to make a lasting difference in someone’s life and situation is you. Your gift, your idea, your presence, your experience, your way of viewing the situation… it is often just what is needed. Don’t hold back.

2. Your touch can travel the world
When you touch someone for good, you never know who that person knows and how far it will go.  Just do good. Don’t hold back.

Psalm 23 read by 2 Kenyan sisters Swahili

3. Your gifts are unique to you
Even if you can do the same thing as someone else, that you thought of it and did it makes the outcome unique. It will always bear your mark. Don’t hold back.

So after 80 readings in over 10 languages, including Hebrew, Filipino, Tongan, Japanese, I decided that I had to share this potpourri of goodness. I couldn’t keep this to myself.

Don’t hold back – change your world!

Psalm 23 in Jamaican Patois

Don’t hold back. In what way are YOU thinking of using your gifts?

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  1. Susanne

    Shaunelle, I’m more then impressed, I’m touched inside… this is so amazing, almost heart-breking ( in a good sense). You inspired me, calmed me down…. opened another window to the future life… THANK YOU

    1. Hey Susanne, thanks for sharing what the music is doing for you. That’s also so touching to hear you say that. Continue to enjoy anytime, it’s a pleasure to share.

  2. Shaunelle:

    How unique! I was blessed by the variant readings and especially the instrumental piano music supporting it!
    You are very creative! What a nice way to celebrate a birthday!! May God continue to bless the reading of His
    Word!! – Mike K.

    1. Thanks so much Mike. I’m grateful for the gift of music and to be able to do this. I’m hoping to do something meaningful for my birthday from this year on!

  3. Pamela

    It has been one of the loveliest exercises that I’ve been part of. God is good. Thanks for listening to Him😍

    1. Oh Pam thanks again for being a part of this. You’re a star!!
      Enjoy. 🙂

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