End of Year SitAWhile Retreat

With relaxing piano music and guided reflections, SitAWhile end of year retreat invites you to pull away from the noise, recharge your batteries and get ready to enter 2022 with calm, clarity and courage.

This music takes you to an oasis
and brings calm
right where you are

by Shaunelle Drake


Hi I’m Shaunelle, a pianist and creative, simply sharing with those looking to live a life of significance, whether they’re in a stressful and busy season, at the peak of their productivity or in a season of rest and reflection.

One way I do this is to bring inspirational piano music into your world so you stay calm and inspired to bring out the best qualities in you.

I wish the very best for you.

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Monthly SitAWhile Hour of Pause

This is for you if you want to be more intentional and create a space to pause and be still.  Keep the stress levels under control and schedule monthly times of pause.