And Why Inspirational Piano?

My passion is simply to help you create a space to pause and be still.

Whether you’re in a stressful and busy season, at the peak of your productivity or in a season of rest and reflection, the piano music that I share will bring you calm.

how it all started

I started playing piano at 6 years old. My mother died when I was 15 and I never really grieved until January 2018, many, many years later.  

And that’s when my relationship with music changed.  Music became a part of my healing journey.

So with the gentle prodding from my husband and best friend Carey, I decided to make some of my private recordings public.

Then when folks started telling me how the music touched them, I decided to wholeheartedly share it.

I just love your music; very deep and authentic. I play it as background music just to set the tone of my environment at home. Quiet meditative and just peaceful.

Love it. I would love to come for those moments in your home.


The quality of music is excellent. We enjoyed every moment. So very calming and soothing.

Keep playing


Going back to these selections feels like going back to the well for a fresh drink!

Thanks Shaunelle! .


If you’d like to know when I add more music, let me know in the form on this page.

My wish for you