Where’s the good news when life unravels me?

Have you ever had an accident and cut something really precious?

I was watering my orchids and … well, let’s just say, a little accident happened and the roots ‘got away’ from the soil. It gave me a chance to see what was happening beneath the surface.

So I looked carefully and deeper to see if there was any damage from my little accident.

So many thoughts came to mind, even as I saw that some roots were old and withered, right alongside those firm ones from which brand new roots are being formed.

When cutting, I had to be so careful not to mistake the old-looking roots with those giving life to one of the fresh, new roots.

Sometimes life feels like my orchid accident; things happen that shakes me up, that’s discombobulating and unravels me. I can pause a moment and see what’s there… or I can quickly move on and miss the good part.

We can have the courage to look beneath the surface, with God beside us

It reminds me to pay attention when life unravels – the type that I have no control over – and to use it as an opportunity to do a reality check of what’s really there.

What are the dry roots that need to be cut away? These are the things that cause unfruitfulness in my life, and I need to let go.

I equally get to embrace and celebrate the new life that is being formed.  These are the things that will cause me to flourish in a fresh new way in a time to come.

Would you like to SitAWhile and take time to reflect on your roots too? Brand new roots are being formed, and that’s the good news!

Does any of this speak to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. AAHenry

    As I consider heading into 2022, if the Lord wills, I know there are things that need to be trimmed and cut from my life but I am honestly not sure I am ready to part company. Today I read sometimes we may think we met the right person at the wrong time when in fact we probably just simply met the wrong person fullstop. That was hard to receive. Somehow the former thought sat better with me. I do realize that I need to ask God to shed the things that hinder my joy in him and that’s a tough task. I need new roots to take me through 2022 and the courage to let go of the roots that no longer bear fruit.
    Thanks for triggering those thoughts Shaunelle. I actually came to the page to listen some soothing music and got to reading. Yeah…

    1. SHD

      I was looking at this and the thought came that, in fact we can pull back to reflect at any point… weekly, monthly, going into a new year…. I find it’s so important to make an appointment with myself to just do it… Take time for deeper reflection.
      Thanks for sharing AAHenry.

  2. Eppie

    Was inspired by your comments. It is that time on the Liturgical calendar when we are reflecting and making adjustments in our spiritual journey. Your commentary was very relevant.
    Thanks and may the Lord bLess you.

    1. So glad that you were inspired by this and thanks for sharing!

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