Pull away to a quiet space that brings calm

December 26 – 28, 2020
An online retreat to help you look ahead with clarity and courage.
LIVE Amazed everyday!

SitAWhile LIVE Amazed

3×1 hour online format, December 26 – 28, 2020, 2pm Eastern /8pm CET

Be still, recharge, look ahead

Retreat Countdown Messages

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About the Retreat

SitAWhile LIVE Amazed is being hosted by Shaunelle Harris Drake in partnership with Carla Lake, author of Live Amazed: Embracing the Gifts of God in Longing, Loss, and Life.

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This is 50-60min of pause * There will be no talking while I share my gentle piano music over Zoom * You create your own quiet space in a way that you are comfortable Then ease back into your day, recharged.

This is for you if you want to be more intentional and create a space to pause and be still.

Register now, space is limited!

Honestly, I had to be intentional to stay afloat

“The uncertainty of life hit me in a weird kind of way in 2020; I realized that I had to be super intentional and find that quiet space to keep my courage levels up.”

~Shaunelle, retreat host

Each session is different. Register below for ALL 3 for the full journey.

After registration, please check your email for a confirmation and joining instructions.

Pull away and SitAWhile in a quiet space that brings calm so you can look ahead with clarity and courage so you can LIVE Amazed everyday!

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  1. Renee

    Hi Shaunelle

    Could you please send me the joining instructions for tomorrow?


    1. Hi Renee thanks for reaching out. Would you mind checking your spam folder for an email subject “Joining Instructions – SitAWhile Online Retreat December 26 – 28” and let me know if it went there. The joining details along with the retreat kit was sent the afternoon/evening of December 25. Thanks for checking and letting me know.

  2. Melody

    Hi Shaunelle
    I did not get the Zoom link

    1. Melody

      I got the link.

  3. Beverley Josephs

    I am not seeing where to register.
    I would do so for Sunday and Monday.

    1. Hi Beverly, when you click on the date, you will see the time on the right hand side. Select the time and confirm. Enter your registration details then click . You will see an email confirmation in your inbox. Please let me know if that works for you.

  4. Erica

    I need this. Wish i could do away from home, but I am in. Need to do it.

  5. Marjorie Hemmings

    Thanks Shaunelle. God bless.

  6. Sophia Brooks

    i thought I registered already but guess not

    1. Hi Sophia, once you receive a confirmation email you know that you have registered. I’ve seen it now so you’re all set! Looking forward to having you at the retreat.

  7. Sandra Hamilton

    Registering for Dec 26 and 27. It seems you can only choose one date at a time.

    1. Hi Sandra, yes please register for 1 date at a time. For future sessions I’ll aim to have 1 registration for all 3 days. Looking forward to having you.

  8. Jassette Bryan

    I find the sessions to be like a calm after the storm!!

    1. Thanks for that. Looking forward to having you at this next one Jassette.

  9. Jassette Bryan

    I find the sessions invaluable!!

  10. Novelett

    Registering for 26 and 27. May have mistakenly clicked 28. Looking forward to it.

    1. Hi Novelett looking forward to having you too. Have a look, you should see an email confirmation for each date that you’ve registered for. If you made a mistake, go ahead and cancel that date from the link in your confirmatino email, then reschedule for the correct one.
      This will ensure you get the Zoom details on the date you’re registered. It also frees up a spot for others to attend.
      Hoping you can join for all 3 to benefit from the progression from one day to another.

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