Iron still sharpens Iron

January was soooo full! I was glad that I had already blocked January 25 in my calendar to do my SitAWhile with friends.  That was one thing that went down it in my calendar when the year was fresh!

The year started with a bang, going from one thing to the next. My lovely Jamaican holiday fast fading into the distance and I’m already thinking about my next vacation! 

And all my good intentions of weaving stillness into my days went through the window.

So when I had the SitAWhile that Saturday it wasn’t just for my friends who came over, it was for me too.  I needed that stillness so badly.

You know what, it was sooo worth it.   

I’m paying attention again: Iron sharpens iron

That’s the thing, when I’m doing a good thing for myself or even doing the right thing, accountability helps me along. Whether it’s a strict or loose accountability, we’re made to connect with people.

So I was truly, very grateful to be able to sit and play and reflect surrounded by people who also embraced this opportunity to SitAWhile.

Don’t miss out on the details

I’m learning not to rush through life and miss out on the details.  Pay attention and let’s these stillness times as an opportunity to be thankful and bring some joy into your day!  It certainly spills over on to those you rub shoulders with :-).

And about my SitAWhile?  I’ve already put the next one in my calendar!  I’m looking forward to hearing about yours.

How’s it going for you?   Have you made the time to SitAWhile since the year started?