24 Hymns, a Call to Look Back (growing list)

Hymns are timeless.

They represent a genre of music where the words are obviously very carefully thought through, each word in every stanza is weaving together a story that captures the essence of our faith and they often come from the deep spiritual experiences of those who penned the lines.

Your life and my life are telling a story and when we pause and take the time to capture the moments, we can find a depth of meaning that blesses our own soul.

Your Hymn Playlist

From time to time I pause and take time to look back and see the connections, the moments that join to another moment to weave my story together, and I am encouraged.

I am encouraged, not because everything has gone the way I would have liked, but because I can see enough evidence that one experience prepared me for another, and connection with one person was significant in an opportunity and so on.

That’s why I will often SitAWhile and add to this playlist, it reminds me to look back.

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I invite you to keep coming back to this hymn playlist from time to time, if only for your SitAWhile to look back.

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  1. Arlene

    So amazing that you include hymns…and that first one we sang today and while taking two persons home in my car I mentioned to them how I love hymns especially this one. So timeless and relevant. Thanks so much. Bless your heart girl!!

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